// For the love of Tony
Returning May 2014


Attention, Tony Almeida fans! FOX will be making more new 24. 24 will return to the airwaves in summer 2014 as a special event, limited 12-ep series instead of a movie as previous reported.

If there is new 24, it MUST contain Tony Almeida. Anything less is unacceptable! We are hoping and praying that the showrunners do the right thing and give us one last dose of Tony before 24 rides off into the sunset for good. If you want to see this happen, sign here!

In other news, The Ghost of Victor Drazen has struck again and all AIG archives (I mean like every last piece of data stored on the website) were mysteriously wiped out from our web server. Although we do have a fair amount of content archived from the past locally, despite our best efforts we will not be able to restore all of the lost data. Which sucks. Most of Season 7 AIG content is likely gone for good. It is unclear as of yet what will be restored once the site comes back for new 24 and what will be lost forever to TGOVD.

Rest assured, however, that the team will be back to talk 24 again next spring on a new (and likely pared-down) version of AIG, and we will continue to welcome discussion from our readers and fans of 24.

All the best and Almeida Be With You,

Kasia, Matt & Kat