Official Episode Summary & Review: 7×18 – 1:00AM-2:00AM

April 14, 2009 11:34 PM
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The following takes place between 1:00am and 1:58 am.

The episode begins back at Starkwood. Tony sees some fuel tankers coming into the compound. Jack calls him and tells him President Taylor aborted the mission and that Tony has to get out. Renee tells Tony they have to get him out. But Tony then tells Jack she knows why the President aborted the mission. Tony sees the gas trucks, and tells Renee and Jack that they are filling RP7 rocket fuel into surface to surface missles. Jack tells Tony to hold on.

Back at the WH Tim Woods questions Pres. Taylor about the airstrike. Taylor snaps at Tim Woods when he asks her about the meeting with Jonas Hodges.

Jack and Renee then call the President. She gets Jack’s call and begins to tell him that she gave her orders and they need to be obeyed. Jack totally calls her on it. “With all due respect, I don’t think you’re being completely honest with us.” he says. He lays out the fact that he knows Hodges has missiles and has threatened to use them if she doesn’t call off the strike. The President is deflated and spills it all to Jack and Walker.

They talk about the plan to allow Tony to blow up the truck before it finishes unloading the fuel and Jack is, again, begging the President to just try the plan. She’s afraid though because she knows Hodges will launch if he detects interference. Before she gives her answer, she asks Jack how long he has to live. This shakes Jack a little but he answers honestly. he doesn’t know but it has started to affect him. “Then there’s not much I can threaten you with, is there… I expect you’ll do what you think is right.” she tells him, and hangs up. Walker is confused because the president didn’t give authorization, but Jack tells her she wants them to go in. but she has to be able to swear under oath that Jack, Tony, and the FBI were working on their own. Jack has Renee contact Larry.

Meanwhile, Seaton and Hodges arrive at the White House as Hodges commends Seaton for tricking Tony.

Renee talks to Larry, who asks if the President authorized this, and she said no. Renee asks Larry if she had a problem with the covert operation, and he says “as a matter of fact, no.” Jack tells Tony to destroy the missiles-but he HAS to avoid being seen. The trucks have loaded up. Stokes talks to another Starkwood employee who said he was going to make another perimeter check. Tony takes a man hostage and faces off against Stokes, telling him to take him down to the fuel tanks.

At the White House, Hodges and Seaton are introduced to President Taylor Hodges remarks he used to come to the White House all the time to speak with former president Noah Daniels. Taylor says that Hodges and Juma killed millions, including Roger Taylor. Hodges says he wants Starkwood involved in shaping military policy, the 5th branch of the military. Taylor says that it’s blackmail, but Hodges denies it, and asks Taylor to work with him.

Tony lays the charges on the fuel cells at Starkwood and takes Stokes up to the surface. The guy tony knocked out attacks Tony, who drops the detonator. Stokes hits the alarm for a government breach as the missiles are set to launch. Stokes says Tony is too late. The launch team argues about entering the launch codes. The missiles are aimed at Clarkesville, Maryland. Tony gets to the detonator and detonates the missiles, as the FBI moves in-but they do not hear Tony. At the White House, Taylor, Hodges and Seaton are going over defenses when Tim Woods interrupts, as he tells her about the explosion at Starkwood. Hodges says he’s not reaching Taylor as she arrests Hodges and Seaton. Hodges says he is a pawn, for larger players. Taylor watches as Hodges is escorted out.

Back at FBI field office, Jack gets a call from the President. He is clearly showing the effects of the bioweapon. As the President thanks Jack for his actions, Jack asks for consideration for Tony. While talking to the President, Jack freezes up. He sits down, unable to remember what he was in the middle of saying.

Jack ends the call, goes to tell Renee that Hodges has been arrested then makes his way, quickly, to see Dr. Macer. The President, asks her aide to make sure she has realtime updates on Jack’s condition from the CDC.

Back at Starkwood, Tony is being led to Larry. Renee asks what is going on, and Larry says the people at Starkwood had no idea what is going on. Larry talks to Renee and says they’ve known each other a long time, and Renee says they have a lot to talk about. Renee is told that Kim Bauer has arrived at FBI. Tony asks about Kim Bauer, Larry tells him about the treatment. He then says it isn’t easy for him, but he has to take Tony into custody. Larry said he shouldn’t be repaid like this. Tony says he’s ready to pay for what he’s done. Larry says to take the handcuffs off Tony.

Dr. Macer tells Jack that memory loss is consistant with the disease, but just that she didn’t think it would manifest so fast. Jack says he feels like he’s losing a part of himself. Dr. Macer told Jack there’s nothing she can give him for the shaking.

Jack sees Renee says that he needs to go on record about everything that happened, sooner than later. Renee then tells Jack that her daughter Kim is waiting to see him, and that she called him. Jack is furious with Renee and takes her in a room. Jack chews out Renee for telling Kim. She says that Kim has been trying to see her all day. She was at the Senate hearing and that she’s been trying to get a hold of Renee all day. Renee tells Jack that if he wants her to say that Jack can’t see her. He says he can’t do that and asks her to show him where she is.

(This portion of the summary is brought to you by Kleenex.)

Renee takes Jack to Kim. Their eyes meet, Kim says “Daddy. How are you feeling?” Kim says she’s tried to track him down, but he thought it was best to stay away. The both admit they’ve missed each other. Jack begins to apologize for what has happened to Kim, but she stops him and apologizes to Jack. Kim talks about the treatment, and why Jack doesn’t what her to help? Jack says the risk isn’t worth taking to him. Kim says she doesn’t want to lose him, and they embrace. Jack has a twinge and tells Kim she needs to go. She leaves obviously upset. We see a picture of Jack stairing and then breaks down crying.

Back at Starkwood, an FBI agent is killed by a Starkwood employeet. An FBI agent corners him and puts him in custody. The agent then goes to see what is in his bag, and there is a canister of the bioweapon. The Starkwood guy then kills Davis and takes off in an SUV. Larry will follow him in a helicopter, and asks Renee to inform Homeland Security about this.

Larry pursues the SUV from the air with Tony inside. Renee asks Janis to access the satellite. Janis asks her about an attack, and she asks Renee a bunch of questions. Janis finds where the SUV is and tells the FBI. Renee contacts the SWAT team. Larry sees the SUV and has the pilot take them lower. He sees the SUV pulling off the road, and goes in. The Starkwood guy kills the helicopter pilot and Larry tells Tony to get out. A gunfight ensues….


I was very impressed with this episode. I love the role reversal between Tony and Jack. It’s good to see Tony (Carlos) getting major screen time. I loved how he took out Stokes.

Cherry Jones has just been great. Her interaction and compassion with Jack were incredible. I liked the way Jack basically called her a liar…NO ONE but Jack could do that. I’m not sure why she goes between calling him “Mr. Bauer” and “Jack.”

I really think Larry made a new fan tonight. I didn’t like him at the beginning of the season, but he has really shown to be a great investigator. I liked when Renee asked if Larry had a problem with the covert operation, and he said “As a matter of fact, no. Those bastards drew on my men.” (Let’s get’em boys!!!!)

The meeting between Hodges, Seaton, and President Taylor was odd. The demands seemed really outlandish, like HE wants to be President. But I loved when the two of them were arrested. But when Jonas said he was just a cog in the wheel…I was thinking….what next?

I’ve said it before on the forum and I’ll say it until y’all will probably get sick of it. Sean Callery is INCREDIBLE!!! The subtleness of the music in each scene was great. The music during the phone calls between Jack and the President were awesome. And the music in the reunion was superb. (Are there any superlatives I haven’t used?)

Let me first say that I always liked the character of Kim Bauer. I’ve never understood why she’s been so derided. Sure the cougar scene was a bit much, but it could have happened. I didn’t like the way she dissed Jack during season 5, she seemed like an ungrateful brat. That could have been the result of her relationship with Barry Landes.

When I heard Kim was coming back, I thought it would be an emotional scene, and I was right. Elisha was incredible, as usual. You can see the concern in her eyes for Jack.

The prequel to this season was called “Redemption.” Maybe the theme of this season is Redemption. Jack got his, Tony got Redemption in being a part of DeepSky, and maybe this is Kim’s redemption. She owned up to her mistakes. Jack is so stubborn. He still didn’t want Kim to help. Renee said Kim was at the Senate hearing this past morning. So of course, like any obsessed fan, I to watch episode 1 to see if I could see her. I couldn’t really tell if she was there. But if she were, wouldn’t Jack have noticed? (Is it me, or does it seem like Episode 1 was a LONG time ago?) I don’t know why Jack isn’t letting her help. It’s clear he has resigned himself to dying, but why not take a chance? As Jack talks and Kim says “I don’t want to lose you,” my heart broke. I thought this scene was well acted. And the end where Jack just breaks down and loses it…I’d like to know how Kiefer reaches down and gets that. Just awesome.

Back at the FBI, Janis asked about mentioning about an attack, and she asks Renee questions. There’s something about Janis I’ve never trusted, and I think something is up.

The final chase with the SUV was also very exciting, leading up to the final gunfight…..

Favourite Almeida Moment

I think my favorite was when he was punching out Stokes.


This has been an awesome season, and this was another awesome episode. I really believe the writer’s strike was great for 24. If you remember, they shut down production before the final six episodes to redo things, so I’m looking forward to them.

Considering everything that happened in this episode……. OH MY GOODNESS!! I typed this OESR yesterday and realized I forgot a part:

The following takes place between 1:58am and 2:00am

….during the gunfight, Larry is wounded. Tony tries to help him. The Starkwood guy comes upon them with a rifle, Tony tells him to stop. Tony says “I’m sorry Larry” and then smothers Larry. Larry dies amd Tony asks where the bioweapon canister is.


REACTION: WTF??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I NEVER saw that coming. One of the most shocking plot twists of the series, almost as shocking as Nina’s.

Favourite Almeida Moment

For the whole episode it’s still Tony’s beat down of Stokes.


This was a shocker. I had a bad headache all day today because of this episode. On various forums, I’ve heard people say things like “this is awful,” “24 just jumped the shark” “I’ll never watch again.” I have to say, slow down, people. Let’s see how this all plays out.


9/10. Despite this stunning ending, it was still a fantastic episode.