Video Debrief: S09E01 & S09E02

May 6, 2014 12:13 PM
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We are two fangirls pushing 40, but we’ve come out of retirement for the resurrection of 24.

  • Cee Almeida

    Hey wow, I’m positively surprised to see you doing these video debriefs again. Really reminds me a lot of Season 7 era AIG… just without Tony.

    It’s funny that the first thing you mention is how the colour of the clock and titles is different, as that was the first thing I said to my friend after we finished watching. She was surprised how after “everything that just happened” the first thing I talk about is “the COLOUR OF THE FONT?” lol

    I do agree that the new glowy/colour is a bit distracting, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it.

    I fucking loved how we didn’t get the 24 logo and Kiefer’s narration until after the first 5 minutes of action. It was like it was designed to make 24 fans go “Awwww fuck yeah.”

    Seeing Chloe and Jack out in the field together again was great.
    I’m most intrigued by Chloe’s hacker leader person Adrian Cross. Seems like he could become an interesting character if he gets more to do.

    Heller’s condition surprised me but I’m glad to see him again. I always found he was heavily underused on 24 and William Devane is a fantastic actor. Audrey seems to be fine.

    I’m not too fond of her new hubby, mostly because he’s standing between her and Jack. But I suppose he has good intentions. It makes sense he’d wanna keep Jack away from her. Still… you gotta wonder, how long before Jack straps him to a chair and electrocutes him? lol

    The action was absolutely fantastic in these two episodes and things seemed to happen very fast.
    Overall I’m extremely pleased with how this started.

    We definitely need an Almeida namedrop at the very least. But the new cast seems to be great.
    Also, anyone catch this? (tries to attach picture)

    • Cee Almeida

      Errr, note to self: Do not attach images twice. I’m sorry. Oh well…

  • Gus Sam

    Hi, my first time posting here. I always enjoyed your web site and I’m glad you girls are back !! You always have done a great job with the site. .
    I’m a huge 24 fan and have always been a huge Tony Almeida fan .
    I really, really, don’t understand why the writers have essentially killed Tony without actually killing him on screen like in season 5 .
    It’s like he’s the plague or something!! They won’t even mention him at all, not one time in season 8 and I doubt we will this season.
    I understand that bringing him into this season would be creatively challenging for the writers since he’s in prison. He’s the only other character that’s still alive that has been with 24 since the very first episode besides Jack.
    However, there is a small chance Tony makes an appearance . Remember back in 2010 for season 8? Carlos Bernard specifically told his fans he’s not going to be in season 8 . This time around he’s not saying anything. Just the other day he posted on his twitter account that he cannot comment on 24 LAD !! I found that very interesting , or maybe I’m reading too much into it?
    Anyway, keep up the fantastic work and I really enjoyed the video debrief on the first episodes .
    Maybe they will redeem Tony this season, let’s keep our fingers crossed!!

  • Amendment to the video: Jack does indeed use the F word in the prequel to S4 scene included on the S3 DVD. He tells Erin Driscoll that he can “do his fucking job” or something to that effect.