The Official AIG 24 Drinking Game: Expanded & Revised for a New Generation

May 4, 2014 1:33 AM
Fandom 2 Commments

One of the very first fandom features we ever had on this site was the Official AIG Drinking Game. Watch any given episode of 24, and follow along with a bottle of your favourite beer, wine or spirits. And in the spirit of 24’s resurrection in the form of Live Another Day, I have revised and expanded the AIG Drinking Game for a new generation of 24, and 24 fans. The revised and expanded edition pays tribute to seasons of old (great for a rainy weekend indoors with Netflix and some strong hooch), but I’m hoping it will also carry over to the Live Another Day experience. If you have suggestions for additions to the game, feel free to leave ’em in the comments. Please remember to enjoy responsibly.

When any of the following events occur, immediately take one drink:

When any of the following events occur, immediately take two drinks:

When any of the following events occur, immediately take three drinks:

  • Cee Almeida

    I believe you forgot to take a drink everytime Jack/anyone says “damn it”.

    I have one suggestion: Three drinks when an episode directly ends with a massive and unusually high amount of split screen boxes. (Only happened two times so far)

    That’s quite the list, though. Lol

  • Sonja Kummer

    hehehe, nice one, Kas! and I must admit, the first thing that came to my mind is Cee’s suggestion – DAMMIT!! but I guess that would have been too obvious ;O). I truly still can’t believe that 24 is indeed back. I’m not sure if I’m about to get excited about it. or at least I wasn’t until a few moments ago, when I started reading your drinking game suggestion – a few of those really did get me grinning in that characteristic way that came upon me back in the day and now I feel excited… (although the suggestions in question are not likely to come true… Look… Alright… Yeah…